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tv   Glenn Beck  FOX News  March 18, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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of characters to put this in more expectative and, maybe, to calm down a second and see it for what it is. some of the big names we promise to get you over the hump to see we have been through worse, and we have gotten through worst. and we will do it again. and hillary clinton nodded that we were with the germans and russians and the french ordered immediate action and hillary clinton nodded "we are with us," and it was described by one," we are completely puzzled and wondering if this is a priority for the united states. a side note, did you miss last
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night's television program? if so, watch it. you might, might understand what is going on in libya a little bit more. it will be a dire situation if france has to do something about it. would not that though would have surrendered. we are sitting it out. no wonder hillary clinton is thinking of an exit plan, according to an insider, the president's in decision on libya has pushed her over the edge and that is not good. unrest is expanding. at home the social of thes, what a surprise, have taken to the streets of chicago, at an immigration rally. and this is now making the rounds on the internet. do not show that. please. someone missed a word on the banner i saw. not good. they are ready for revolution. and ready for revolution now. >> this is a global class war.
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a moment revolution. >> this is transforming people for revolution. >> in detroit the committee against utility shut offs staged a protest, the committee is a branch of the socialist equality party and they are saying now utilities are also a social right. i am not sure how that works because ... for the last 150 years we did not have power, at all, so, how is that a universal right? the president, sorry, the vice president and the president joe biden -- the president is still, please tell me he is still, is he still, it is still obama, right? the president and then vice president joe biden and labor secretary are all taking time to reach out to labor unions. you will not believe what biden said. we will show you.
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in wisconsin a judge issued an order to block the law that governor walker signed to curb collective bargaining. meanwhile, oil prices crossed $103 a barrel in the in the sers authorizing the no-fly zone over libya? hillary clinton says we should question the safety of our nuclear energy here and germany is signaling they want to get out of nuclear power altogether, as well. does that, is that connected to the price of oil? and the price of coal? nuclear power provides 1 4 percent of the world's electricity. you know what happens to the energy crisis without nuclear energy? what did the president say? that the prices of energy will necessarily skyrocket. at the same time, the epa is cracking down, now, on toxic air and mercury which is the name of my company and i thought for a
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second they might be cracking down on mercury. we are still looking and that, toxic air pollution from emergenciry and coal and oil fired power plants so where we are making electricity with coal and with oil, they are not cracking down. and we want to get rid of nuclear energy. and now we will get this straight: unrest in the middle east, and unrest in libya and oil workers striking in oman for "higher wages," saying "we are the least paid oil workers in the gulf and we want to be paid the same as other countries." who is leading this? the unions. yes. workers of the world unite. it is getting good, isn't it in the chinese are coming out with adoration for japan which is strange because they have been enemies of japan and they are
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not getting along. just before the earthquake is it chairman mao went, you know what, guys i have have to come back, we have been robbed. i believe the traditional allies in the world are switching places. a strange case of musical chairs, the axis of the earth is changing. tonight, i will focus on japan but we're not going to focus on the economy side, the economic side is getting worse by the day and honda announced it will not re-open plants in japan. sony put their plans to re-open on hold. and louisiana is being affected. g.m. is shutting a plant down in louisiana because they cannot get parts from japan. the worst part is, we're in the doing anything to get us on track.
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we as a people have to decide. we have to decide. this is the point of the show tonight. who are we? what can we control? we cannot control the government. we foe that. we know they are trying to control us. we can still try to hold their feet to the fire. but we can control one thing in life. us. our reactions. and how we behave. do we behave like those in the streets of capital buildings in wisconsin and all over. like the thugs? or do we react and act like we did on 8 slash -- 8/28 like real members standing shoulder to shoulder? do we behave like the japanese?
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>> tonight you are going to see how the tragedy in japan will reap your home and be a potential of the catalyst of the fiscal tsunami that changes the world. so far, the tragedy hasn't changed, the people in japan have not changed and that is all that matters. their incredible unity is inspiring, at least it is to me. i don't see a lot of coverage on it. they are like the people we were on september 12.
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i don't mean this boast flies -- boast fully or as a slam they remind me of america. they remind me of who we are supposed to be. when we are at our best, nobody beats us. we are not republicans or democrats. we are not even, really, americans. we're just brothers and sisters and people. in mechanic, it used to be called american exceptionalism. it is not as natural to us anymore. in fact, our president and many people if this country left and right don't believe it exists. but you are seeing it in japan. japan is still natural to the japanese, like it used to be to us, i wonder, if it still is. have we been turned against one another? they have not been. i remember saying on 9/11, i
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remember saying to my radio audience, it was about 5:37, i looked at the screen and i remember looking at the clock and talking into my microphone and saying to many of you, have no fear, we will not be defeated by an outside source. america can only be defeated by itself. i wish i would have had a bit of fear of us at that time. but i didn't. now i see the forces within. in japan they have something called "gumbat testimony --
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which means do your best though matter what comes your way you can overcome and take pride in overcoming the impossible whether that is recovering from a devastating military defeat or an unimaginable disaster, it doesn't matter. what you are seeing in japan today is that spirit of "abatti," which comes natural to the japanese they have a rich, rich history of overcoming. they have not turned against each other yet and i hope they never do. tonight i want to talk about the japanese and what we can do and what we need to learn from them. we are turning against ourselves and we have allowed america to become something that it was never intended to be. our founding fathers did not see this kind of america.
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america that is dependent on a government and looks to the government to heal everything. america has drawn people here for hundreds of years because it was exceptional, unique, different. you wanted to come here but now not everyone buys into the idea and the rally i showed you in chicago they talked, saying that america is america no matter where you are, and borders did not matter and it is as much their country as your country. i'm sorry ... what? it cannot be unique and "just the same," at the same time. people want to fundamentally transform america. well, i am one of them. i want to fundamentally transform america, restore america. not to the reagan years but to the ideas set forth by our founding fathers and our founding principles.
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we did not realize that men were trying to fundamentally transform and they were being quiet at the same time. they, these people, i think, you can make a case they are winning that war. let me ask the audience: how many of you believe things today that you did not, you would have said were crazy three years ago? almost everyone. all right. i said two years ago, you will get up one morning and read the newspaper and you will see your country and you won't recognize it as the same country anymore. i remember being called crazy. would you say you have done that yet? you don't recognize your country? raise your hand if you feel that way. if you don't feel that way let me ask you this, if i would have told you a year ago that france
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would lead, france would be the one that says i'm tired of waiting around, we will send our planes and we will bomb and america would say ... would you have believed that a year ago? when i said that the fed would buy our debt and monetize our debt i remember the calls of being irresponsible, i was crazy, i was dangerous. the fed buys our debt about 80 percent of it, now. do you recognize your country? they testified and said they would never do that in front of congress. is anyone charging them with figure? america is involved in the third front. if i would have told you four weeks ago america may now be involved in a war in a third war, in a third muslim country in the middle east, would you have believed me? i believe i did say words similar to that right over
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there. that it would sweep, destabilize and drag us all down. we're if a third war, a third front, god help us all if it boils over in libya. would you believe if i would have said america would turn against israel. did you see the case we made last night? would here would have believed two years ago we would turn against central? never, never. so this is the question: who are we? what can we control? is there anybody here that knows? what can we control? anybody? what can we control? steve? only your response to what comes your way? only your response. and something else?
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>> family. and how we live our likes and control our children and tell them the good things to do. >> that's it. we cannot criminal -- control our children, believe me. how many of us have been standing in a supermarket where they are like spread-eagle own the floor "i want cheetos." you cannot criminal your kids but you can control the choices that you make in life, and our reactions. and that is the choice. that is all we can control, our choices. that's what i want to focus on tonight. the choices we are going to make. everyone on the left in the media says i'm nuts. and i hope to god i am because if what i believe comes, we're in deep trouble. and not that the world is going to end but we are going, do you
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think ... when people said you are building the nuclear power plants for an earthquake no one thought there would be a 10 on the richter scale. have you ever seen anything like that tsunami? come over here, can you come over here? look at this picture. these are just cars, all piled up on top of each other. if i would have said to you, three weeks ago, and i see houses on fire in the middle of the water washed away and still on fire everyone would say i was out of my mind. we are seeing crazy things. i said at the beginning of the week because i happened to go to this baptist revival church last sunday and it was great. remember going to church and seeing the lady with the hats
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and they wear the gloves and the old lady and their purses and it was great. the was amazing. and the preacher got up and he was talking about, this is actually ... we were on vacation for a week and we were in the bahamas. so this preacher got up and there were only 100 people there and he talked and he was giving this prayer and he was the best saying lord, we see the signs. and we know what's coming. i get on the radio on monday i talked about the signs. and i made it very clear that god does not punish people through earthquakes, at least i don't believe that now. i believe god allows us to punish ourself and would doesn't think we will be punished for living in lies. god will not stop that.
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he has warned us, tell the truth. tell the truth. it will come crashing down on us. that is not a punishment but a consequence of our errors. but when it comes to the, i don't think the lord is punishing the people of japan but i think there is a possibility, can anyone tell me a sign of the times? >> rumors of war. ,s. >> famine. >> coming from where? >> the bible. >> the bible, the book of revelation and there is another network who did a long dissertation saying i am a madman because no intelligent opinion believes the book of revelation is true. well, i'm intelligent. i may not be the smartest guy but i believe it to be true. what is it? it is not about an angry god it
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is about a warning. when you see these things, know i am near. i don't know his timeframe. i have no idea, i have not check god's calendar but he sends these signs and said you will see wars, and rumors of war, famine, natural disasters, and he talks about men will go and bury their gold and treasures in a hill and an hour later come back and they are worthless. check your 401(k). check your 401(k). when(e) say you want to bury your money and keep it safe is there anything, anything, anything that at all possibly, hold on to that money, is there
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anything that could not change in one hour? nothing. nothing. nothing. signs of the time. what are they? things to have you make a decision. what is the decision? containing yourself. get ready. do you stand with greed, anger, violence and racism? or life, liberty and equal justice. do you help each other? be more like the jap meese and come through anything with grace. i will show you some videos in a . and can you show the video before we go out, the video of the, you know what, instead of showing the video i will break and come back with a letter, a blog i read today that is amazing and we will learn something about the japanese culture that maybe can help us change ourselves. here is the first step: we have
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done really bad job of helping the japanese. we helped haiti. we are the most charitable group on earth. text "red cross," right now and make a $10 donation to support the effort. %e%e%e%e%e%e%e%e%e%ee
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today i will challenge you by the end of the show to make a difference, to make that change. it is better when meg said that "make that change," but he was a freak. i read an mazing excerpt from blogs and e-mails of a survivor in japan, an american who teaches english in japan describes the atmosphere. listen to this. no one has washed for several days we feel grubby but there are more important concerns. i love the peeling away of nonessentials living fully on the legal of instinct and intuition. there are strange parallel unit verifies happening. petroleum are lining up for water and food and a few are walking dogs and she says i can
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feel my heart opening wide and my brother asked me if i felt small because of all that was happening and i don't. i feel part of something happening that is larger than mile. that is the spirit of japan. she talks about how someone, when people leave they come back and people will have left food on their doorstep. i will bring in a couple of gifts, the director of japanese studies at the american enterprise institute the author of "pacific culture history of u.s.-japan relations," and the japanese national living in america. give us the translation of your first name. >>guest: it means man of order, harmony, order. and "man."
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>> that is part of japan, it is order. it comes from, actually, living under samurai and i will get to that history in a little bit because the problem with the government that changes things with the government and you wrote a piece in today's wall street journal that talked about "look out because the government can do some things here, nefarious people can do things to change a constitutional republic if a crisis this large. but, first, i am, we have given, how many billions $64 billion, rather, million, to the red cross in the first six days and it was over $200 for haiti and why want to talk about why that might be happening i want to talk about different ways we can
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help so we don't lose ourselves. you had a great suggestion of the troops. >>guest: it was possible for people to contribute to our troops who are working around the clock, 24/7, bringing if supplies, on the ground, with their japanese counterparts trying to clear and do rescue missions and we can support them and reach out by sending care packages and different ways to let them know we understand they part of this and without them it would be a harder operation. we delivered hundreds of tons of supplies and we could help our troops. >> i ask each of you, do you think there is a reason? i have heard because we think japan is a rich nation, do you think ... >>guest: that is true. sheet third world. but when it comes to japan almost like an economic competitor, but --.
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>> but competitors, in a business world you have to destroy the other. there are competitors and those that make you better. friends that are competitors. do you have any thought why this what happening? >>guest: people are overwhelmed by the scale and you can click at different sites and people will give a lot but he is right, look at japan and we thing, they have a lot of what they need and it is coming from other parts of the country but everyone wants to help. >> throughout the program we will show you how to help and i will make a challenge to you by the end of the program.
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libyan forces surround the
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rebel stronghcandiñáa f0 for 0láfk rebels or
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>> glenn: it's one billionth the one bill yontdz, why when there ;l=rk41zhufk0t
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what is it. sal#68#gbgd is that. it means enduran:1
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when were opening up the west and endurance of the pioneers and settlers. i don't think it's wrong but it's always been a part of japan. there is another side of it that is equally important. samurai ruled for 700 years. the other side is the tension between what they called duty and obligation. duty is what you had have to do legally. if you were samurai and law bounds you. obligation is with your fellow man. most famous story in japan is one that everyone hears is 47 samurai they wanted to aadvantage the unlawful death of their lord but they weren't allowed to do it because it was illegal.
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they had to choose what to do. they had to choose obligation but they didn't run away from the duty knowing if they were successful in repaying the honor of their lord or up holding his honor they would go to their death by the legal system. they chose to do that. they had to somehow bring the two together but what they didn't do attempt to say, we weren't doing, it wasn't our fault. this idea of duty and obligation i think has --. >> glenn: it's alan west, he was questioning. he knew the terrorists had information to get troops killed. so he went in and he threatened i guy. you americans will never do and he fired at his head, knew that it was wrong and got the information. then went right directly to his demanding officer. put his gun down and said, what i did was wrong? i did it and i would do it again but i want you to know, that is
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duty and the honor. we've changed. were you here yesterday for st. patrick's day? were you guys here yesterday? have you seen things on the streets yesterday from like 18 and 19-year-olds. it was like a porn show, wasn't it? it was amazing. it was amazing. i'm walking down the streets and i'm seeing this after i've been all day looking at japan and everything else. i couldn't believe the difference. do we -- do we get there? zbleept. >> guest: you asked about why do the japanese act this way. in scrap you have 125 million people living in the size of a state like montana but it's too mountainous and forest so they have been packed together. they know you simply can't have license to act as you want.
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that there are rules that will make living much more civilized. >> glenn: that doesn't happen in new york. >> guest: there is something else. the culture of hugging or shame. everybody knows or losing is wrong thing but if you commit a crime in japan, you are not only responsible to what you did but are descendants and your children, their names all stained and the shame of losing friends. >> glenn: no shame. let me ask you this. tell me the number, compare the number of attorneys, the number of attorneys in japan. >> guest: let me tell you, okay. >> glenn: some restrictions.
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>> guest:? reports indicate that the u.s. has 30 times more lawyers than japan has -- lawyers, everybody think that i'm write. you are wrong. so they are about the ground here. you are just talking about your own self, self interests, self gratification. the other guy feels the same way. but the concept of shame or another concept amorari. >> glenn: we have to take a break. [ applause ] i'm robert shapiro. over a million people have discovered how easy it is to use legalzoom for important legalocuments.
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so start your business, protect your family, launch your dreams. at we pu.
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>> glenn: lived in this country for 20 years and difference between legal systems, you were just about to get to a different point the difference between us.
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>> guest: the concept of amorari that meaning you have to give the up most regardless to your neighbors to others, transcending your own interests, your own needs and wants. in modern society, it's the other way around. it's about me, my rights, my wants, my needs. >> glenn: i want to switch gears. we've been following the japanese story nink a different way this week. everyone else and we've been swallowing a different story. story of fogel family. this is a story that has is amazing to me and you don't find it anywhere. i'm struck by the good versus evil of this story. in israel, he killed a father as he slept in bed. they stabbed and cut the throat of three-month-old infant in his
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arms. daughter that was lying next to him in bed, his wife was brutally murdered as she exited the bathroom. she put up a fight. the terrorists went on to kill two more sons, stabbing them to debt. it was a brutal scene. one of the children was four years young. the other is 11. his 12-year-old daughter came home to this scene and two of her brothers were spared from death because they were hidden in the darkness. in the ultimate sign of strength the 12-year-old swore to be a mother to her surviving siblings. grandfather went on to give this beautiful talk about how we cannot be angry or look for revenge. the little girl showing incredible strength as the palestinians then celebrated. they were passing candy out in the streets honoring this horrible act of terrorism, candy. there is a powerful darkness
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growing, but as i have told you before, i grew up in seattle so i know, noon day when the sun is the brightest there are clouds out there, shadows aren't quite so dark, but when the sky is clear the shadows become very, very dark. the shadows become black, the sun in full brilliance, you have a choice, part of the light or the dark. you can stand in the light or the dark. lightness, i warn you will always win. maybe tough to get there but light destroys darkness. darkness can never destroy light. our greatest physicist can open this room and they can't open anything that will bring darkness into the room. nothing can bring darkness into this room, nothing. but i can send my daughter down
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to the home depot and give her six bucks and she can bring light into a dark room. turn off the lights. turn them all the way off. for five or six bucks you can pierce the darkness but it doesn't work the other way around. i will show you beginning next on how you can be a symbol of light in growing darkness, next.
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[ applause ] >> glenn: this story about a horrific, the vogel family, dark dark ago. i'm going to ask you to a symbol of light and make a choice in the face of darkness. joseph posnik is the executive vice president of the new york board of rabbis. >> thank you for doing this.
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>> glenn: i explained the candle. >> statement in the book of proverbs that light the candle of god, but true light we give like others. you can take one candle and light many others but in no way does it diminish the integrity of that one candle and that can bring light and love to many others and still remain independent individual. so the fogel family begin a sabbath with the killing of light. now, we're lighting a canned until their memory. >> glenn: tonight i would like to ask you because there is another tradition that is not just on the sabbath but when someone passes that you light the candle. tonight is the anniversary of their death. also it was a week ago today that the earthquake hit. how many thousands of people have died. i would like to ask you as a viewer to gather your family
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together tonight and to light a candle and explain to your children what you are doing, why you are doing it. you don't have to explain the brutal details of the vogel family but if they are old enough, you should. but why the candle? make the choice today to bring light into the world. and say a prayer. >> guest: one of the statements we say may god grant you comfort. we say that to completion of the morning period. lightlogy the candle now we have to go back and resume our lives and restore some of the light in this dark world. many people who will be lighting candles for the sabbath and additional candles for the vogel family. >> glenn: i gant begin to fathom
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the story. you feel the growing darkness. you see the growing light? >> guest: yes, i do, i see people that are making a difference. i see a community responds to the strategy tragedy i would like to think we have a responsibility to remind our children that there are many decent people there. >> glenn: light a candle tonight. do it for a reason. back in a minute.
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